What do we need in todays energy market? It’s the flexibility, stupid! 

There is no saving energy without major sacrifices on the consumer side. At least that’s what it feels like. Rather cuddling up in another blanket before having to turn on the heat, or having to choose between a quick scrub down with the washcloth or a tempting warm shower. But what if there was a way to save energy and money without even noticing? 

The answer is ‚Demand Side Flexibility‘ (DSF). 

Demand Side Flexibility grants the consumer power to play an active part and adjust their power consumption to ongoing changes in supply and prices. This can be achieved through multiple ways such as the usage of energy efficient domestic appliance, the installing of decentralized energy sources such as solar panels or the implication of demand response programs. 

In September 2022 smartEn and DNV published an expert study focusing on the potential benefits the implication of DSF could have in the EU by the year 2030. The results are remarkable in more than just one way. There would be a cost reduction for consumers of more than 71 billion per year on electric consumption, 37.5 million tonnes of annual greenhouse gases could be preserved and annually more than €2 billion could be saved enabling 60GW of DSF in comparison to installing 60GW of peak generation capacity. This is only mentioning a few of many other benefits. (smartEn & DNV, 2022)

So what do we actually need to do in todays energy market? Maybe we need to realize that it’s more about being flexible than it is about major sacrifices. The future of saving energy is using the energy that is already available to us in a flexible manner and shifting the loads of energy that don’t directly interfere with our everyday lives to a more convenient and cheaper time of the day. All in the hands of an active and conscious consumer. 

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